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Democracy Watch: A bulletin of the Transition Monitoring Group

Issue No. 1: May 17 - 31, 1999
Issue No. 4: July 1-15, 1999
Issue No. 5: July 16-31, 1999
Issue No. 6

Democracy Watch is produced by Media Rights Agenda (MRA) on behalf of the Transition Monitoring Group (TMG) with the support of the Canadian Catholic Organisation for Development and Peace (CCODP).

The Transition Monitoring Group (TMG) is a coalition of human rights, non-governmental and civil society organisations formed in August 1998 for the purpose of developing integrity in the electoral process by monitoring and reporting on the prosecution of the political programme.

The work of the TMG is handled under a committee system of decision-making and a secretariat. In addition to national committees of the TMG, it also has zonal and state coordinators drawn from among members and staff of TMG's member organisations. TMG's chairman coordinates the activities of these committees and of the secretariat.

All correspondence should be addressed to:

The Secretariat
Transition Monitoring Group
c/o Constitutional Rights Project
5, Abiona Close, off Falolu Road
Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: (234)(0)1-5843041, 5848498
Fax: (234)(0)1-5848571
TMG direct line: 7746695