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Reports of Broadcast Monitoring Project         Reports of Print Media Monitoring Project


       Airwaves Monitor January 2002                           Print Monitor January 2002

       Airwaves Monitor December 2001                       Print Monitor December 2001

       Airwaves Monitor November 2001                      Print Monitor November 2001

       Airwaves Monitor October 2001                          Print Monitor October 2001

       Airwaves Monitor September 2001                      Print Monitor September 2001

       Airwaves Monitor August 2001                           Print Monitor August 2001

       Airwaves Monitor July 2001                                 Print Monitor July 2001

       Airwaves Monitor June 2001                                Print Monitor June 2001



      Airwaves Scorecard June 1999                              Media Scorecard June 1999

      Airwaves Scorecard May 1999                              Media Scorecard May 1999

      Airwaves Scorecard April 1999                             Media Scorecard April 1999

      Airwaves Scorecard March 1999                          Media Scorecard March 1999

      Airwaves Scorecard February 1999                      Media Scorecard February 1999

      Airwaves Scorecard January 1999                        Media Scorecard January 1999




Executive Watch

A Public Assessment of President Olusegun Obasanjo’s Government Policy Statements and Actions


Nigerians Score Obasanjo Low On Security (January 2002)


Budget 2002 Not In Favour Of The Masses – Nigerians (December 2001)


Stop Using Soldiers For Domestic Peace-keeping – Nigerians Tell Obasanjo (November 2001)


Probe Payment on Railway Contract, Nigerians Tell Obasanjo (October 2001)


Use GSM Licence Fees To Develop Telecommunications Sector – Nigerians Tell Obasanjo (September 2001)


Nigerian Oppose Use of ID Card for Elections (August 2001)


Nigerians Suspect President Obasanjo’s Motive For the Recent Cabinet Reshuffle (July 2001)


Two Years On: Nigerians Score President Obasanjo Low (June 2001)


Nigerians Slam Campaigners For Second Term For President Obasanjo (May 2001)


Nigerians Oppose Deregulation Of The Petroleum Sector (April 2001)

 Nigerians Approve Purchase of Presidential Jets (March  2001)

Nigerians Support FG’s Suit on Resource Control (February 2001)

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 Other Publications


Media Rights Bulletin Vol. 1. No. 1 (html) or Click here to download the whole document in PDF format

Campaigning for Access to Information in Nigeria: A Report of the Legislative Advocacy Programme for the Enactment of a Freedom of Information Act


Broadcasting in Nigeria: Unlocking the Airwaves (with ARTICLE 19)


Unlocking Nigeria’s Closet of Secrecy: A Report on the Campaign for a Freedom of Information Act in Nigeria


Unshackling the Nigerian Media: An Agenda for Reform (with ARTICLE 19)








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