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Press Releases!

Media Rights Agenda Condemns Bombing of Superscreen Television Station in Lagos


LAGOS, Wednesday, December 23, 2009: Media Rights Agenda (MRA) today expressed shock and alarm at the dangerous dimension of attacks on media practitioners and organizations in Nigeria, culminating in the bomb attack on Tuesday, December 22, on the premises of Superscreen Television station.   Full story.....


Media Rights Agenda Rejects Senate Committee Recommendations on FOI Bill


Lagos, Monday, September 29, 2008:  Media Rights Agenda (MRA) today announced its rejection of the recommendations of the Senate’s Information Committee on the Freedom of Information Bill, saying if passed as proposed it would be the worst access to information law in the world and would bring Nigeria to ridicule. Full Story...



Africa Freedom of Information Centre Launched


LAGOS, NIGERIA: Friday, September 28, 2007:   A network of Freedom of Information advocates in Africa today announced the launch of a regional Centre in Lagos to galvanize the campaign for the adoption of access to information laws on the continent. Details...



Freedom of Information Coalition Launches Signature Campaign


The Freedom of Information Coalition (FOIC) has launched a signature campaign in support of a petition asking the National Assembly to pass the Freedom of Information Bill into law before the end of 2007. Details...


Please click these links to download the Petition to the National Assembly and the Petition Signature Form


African freedom of expression advocacy Groups to hold a conference African Treaty on Freedom of Expression

Four African freedom of expression advocacy organisations have concluded plans to hold a conference to plan for an African Treaty on Freedom of Expression in Accra, the Ghanaian capital, on June 25 to 27, 2007   Details .....


MFWA and NAFEO launch campaign on The Gambia


MAY 23, 2007, ACCRA, GHANA: The Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) and the Network of African Freedom of Expression Organizations (NAFEO) launched on May 21, 2007 in Accra a campaign for an end to the impunity and violent attacks on media freedoms and freedom of expression generally in the Gambia by the government of President Yahya Jammeh.  Details ....

 Media Rights Agenda Calls on National Assembly to Override President Obasanjo’s Veto of the Freedom of Information Bill


ABUJA: Tuesday, May 8, 2007:  Media Rights Agenda (MRA) today called on the National Assembly to urgently exercise its powers under Section 58(5) of the 1999 Constitution to override President Olusegun Obasanjo’s veto on the Freedom of Information Bill and ensure that the Bill becomes Law before the expiration of its tenure.   Details .....

Media Rights Agenda Calls on President Obasanjo to Sign Freedom of Information Bill


ABUJA: Thursday, March 29, 2007.   Media Rights Agenda (MRA) today called on President Olusegun Obasanjo to assent to the Freedom of Information Bill, which was dispatched to him for assent by the National Assembly on Friday, March 23, 2007.   Details ....

MRA Welcomes CCB’s Initiative on Framework for Citizens’ Access to Assets Declarations by Public Officers


Media Rights Agenda (MRA) today welcomed the initiative by the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) to put in place a legal framework to facilitate access for members of the public to the declaration of assets made by public officers. Details...


Freedom of Information Bill: Need to Ensure Speedy Passage


MRA Condemns Closure of Bayelsa Radio, Arrest of GM

UNESCO Supports Conference of African Free Expression Organisations


EU Awards MRA €70,000 Grant for Freedom of Information Advocacy

The Global Forum For Media Development


MRA Condemns Police Brutality of Journalists

MRA Condemns Arrest and Detention of Newspaper Editor

On The World Press Freedom Day 2004

MRA Condemns National Assembly’s “Code of Conduct” for Journalists

Journalist Sues Lagos State Government, Police for N30 million

Govt Seeks Merger of MRA, NPAN Suits on Press Council

MRA Hold Stakeholders Meeting On The Nigerian Media Bill

ARTICLE 19 and Media Rights Agenda Ask Govt. to Repeal Decree 60

Media Rights Agenda Sues Federal Government Over Nigerian Press Council (Amendment) Decree

Media Rights Agenda Sues Code of Conduct Bureau  Over Refusal to Release Public Officers Assets Declarations

President Obasanjo Shuns MRA's Request To Present FOIB to National Assembly

Court Awards Journalist N300,000 for Assault, Unlawful Detention

Nigerian Government Defends Treason Trials Under Abacha

Federal Government, Code of Conduct Bureau Deny Violations Of Constitutional Provisions on Assets Declarations By Public Officers

MRA Condemns Raid, Sealing up of The Insider Weekly Magazine

MRA Condemns Seizure of Copies of Human Rights Report

Media Rights Agenda Asks Federal Government To Constitute Governing Bodies Of Its Media Establishments

Media Rights Agenda Asks President Obasanjo To Constitute Governing Bodies Of Regulatory Agencies

Court Grants Media Rights Agenda Leave to Sue Federal Government Over Media Governing Bodies

MRA Releases Broadcast Monitoring Report:  Commends Broadcast Stations For Fair Reports

MRA Condemns The Arrest, Assault And Detention of Adewale Adeoye

MRA Releases 1998 Annual Report: Two Journalists And One Media Owner Were Killed In 1998

MRA Condemns Arrest of Journalists In Benin City

MRA Seeks Enforcement of African Commission’s Verdict on Decree 43

MRA Releases Its Second Print Monitoring Report: Thumbs-Down On A Cross Section Of The Print Media

MRA Condemns Security Raid, Closure And Arrest of Staff of The News Magazine

MRA Releases Media Monitoring Report: Praises Print Media Coverage of the Transition

MRA Faults Claims By Task Force on Terrorism on the Alleged Death by Bomb Blast of Bagauda Kaltho

MRA Welcomes Release of  Three More Journalist

MRA Condemns PRC's Upholding of Editor's Conviction by Military Tribunal

MRA Welcomes Release of Chris Anyanwu

MRA and JODER Condemn On-going Trial of Editor by Special Military Tribunal

1997: A Bad Year For The Media, Says MRA Annual Report

MRA Condemns Arrest of The Diet Newspapers Editor

MRA Condemns the Arrest of Two Journalists

MRA Condemns the Arrest of African Concord Abuja Bureau

MRA Demands Release of Bayo Onanuga, Babafemi Ojudu

MRA Demands Release Of Olatunji Dare’s Passport

Geographical Imbalance in Applications for Licenses Worries NBC

MRA Calls for Enactment of Access to Official Information Act

MRA Condemns Justice Minister's Refusal to Meet with Jailed Journalist


MRA Calls for the Immediate Release of Concord Newspapers Judicial Editor


MRA Condemns the Federal Military Government's Plans to Further Muzzle the Nigerian Media


MRA Condemns Seizure of TELL Magazines

MRA Calls For the Release of Arrested Prodemocracy Activists

MRA Condemns Government's Closure of Media Houses

MRA Calls On The Federal Military Government To Reopen Shut Media Houses

MRA Condemns Arrest of  Newswatch Editor

MRA Calls for Free Access to Information



MRA Condemns the Sealing Up of The Guardian Newspapers


Beyond the release of Bayo Onanuga, Chris Anyanwu

MRA Releases Study Report on Closure of Media Houses


MRA Calls for Action for Release of Incarcerated Activists and Journalists

On The World Press Freedom Day 2004

MRA Condemns Arrest and Detention of Police Sergeant Musa Usman

MRA Condemns Threats to the lives of ThisDay Reporters


Onosode Leads Corporate Nigeria on Freedom of Information Roundtable



Budget 2002 Not In Favour Of The Masses – Nigerians

Re: Assault on Photojournalist Akintunde by Policemen Attached to You

Nigerians Score Obasanjo Low On Security

Stop Using Soldiers For Domestic Peace-Keeping-Nigerians Tell Obasanjo


Probe Payment on Railway Contract – Nigerians Tell Obasanjo

MRA Commends National Assembly



The GSM License Fees To Develop Telecommunications Sector – Nigerians Tell Obasanjo


Nigerians Oppose Use of ID Card for Elections, Support Independent Candidature

Nigerians Suspect President Obasanjo’s Motive For The Recent Cabinet Reshuffle

TWO YEARS ON: Nigerians Score President Obasanjo Low

Media Under-reports Human Rights, Accountability In Government

Nigerians Slam Campaigners For Second Term Of Office For President Olusegun Obasanjo

Nigerians Reject President Obasanjo’s Plan To Deregulate The Petroleum Sector

ONE YEAR OF NEW DEMOCRACY: Lagosians Score President Obasanjo Low As National Assembly Gets The Blame For Rift With Executive

Nigerians Approve Purchase Of Presidential Jets

Court Dismiss MRA’s Suit Over Public Officers Assets Declarations

African Commission Declares Niran Malaolu’s Trial Unjust

Nigerians Support FG’s Suit On Resource Control  -  But Support States’ Control of Natural Resources

Lagosians endorse Obasanjo’s Meeting with Ethnic Groups, Call for Talks on True Federalism

More Lagosians Skeptical Of The Outcome Of Oputa Panel - Says that reconciliation is insufficient

Lagosians Rate Elected Politician Low In integrity

Lagosians Endorse TI’s Rating of Corruption in Nigeria Lack faith in Anti-Corruption Crusade

Lagosians Condemn FG’s Ultimatum To Oil Producing States To Protect Pipelines

Media Rights Agenda Supports NLC’s Closure of The Guardian

Lagosians Commend Senate Over Probe, Ask Executive House Of Representatives To Toe Same Line


Minimum Wage Crises: Lagosians blame Federal Government

Lagosians Condemned Buhari’s Pardon, Says It Should Be Revoked

MRA Condemns Police Invasion of the Residence of the Senate President

Lagosians Condemn President Obasanjo’s Call On Pro-confederacy Public Office Holders to Resign, Prefers ANC to SNC

Lagosians Urges Obasanjo To Embark On Religious Tolerance Campaigns

UN Agencies in Nigeria, MRA Mark World Press Freedom Day on May3

MRA Condemns SSS Invasion of ThisDay

Media Rights Agenda sues Federal Government over its non-compliance with NCC, NTA, VON, NAN, NBC and FRCN laws

Six Journalists killed in 1999 – MRA

Federal Government Gazettes Freedom of Information Bill


MRA Condemns Arraignment of Two Journalists and One Vendor

Lagosians Laud the National Poverty Alleviation Programme, Expresses Fear Of Politisation

IMF Is Teleguiding President Obasanjo

Lagosians Condemn Army Invasion Of Odi

Lagosians Welcome UBE, Cautions On Inconsistent Educational Policy Say No To State Police Forces

MRA Postpones Lecture On “The Effects On State Violence On Practice In Nigeria” & A Book Launch - …
This Must Be From The President…

Lagosians Express Preference For Private Broadcast Stations To Government-owned Stations

100 Days In Office: Lagosians Rate Obasanjo “Fair”, Say Only Leadership by Example Can Ensure objectives Of National Re-Birth

MRA Condemns Seizure of Copies African Today Magazine

MRA Calls on NBC to Rescind Revocation of Broadcast Licences

Media Rights Agenda To Present T-Shirt Souvenir To President Obasanjo

MRA Condemns the Suspension of Officials of EBS, Benin-City

Code of Conduct Bureau Declines to Release Assets Declarations by Public Officers

Media Rights Agenda To Present Souvenir To Freed Prisoners Of Conscience

MRA Releases Its Sixth Print Media Monitoring Reports: Saving The Best For The Last

Most Lagosians Support President Obasanjo’s Handling of the Buhari Saga

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