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Senate to Conduct Public Hearing on FOI Bill in June


The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Information and Media, Senator Ayogu Eze has disclosed that his Committee has chosen to conduct a public hearing on the Freedom of Information (FOI) bill on June 2, 2008. Full Story...


Coalition Plans FOI Action Retreat for June 2008


Following a call by some members of the FOI coalition on the need for the Freedom of Information Coalition to take discussions and activism forward through a face to face meeting, members have a greed on a Retreat with the theme: “ Freedom of Information: Gateway to Good Governance and Sustainable Development”. Full Story...


Cross Section of Nigerians Condemn House of Representatives For Failure to Pass FOI Bill.


Individuals and institutions in Nigeria cutting across social, religious, political, economic and ethnic divide have risen in unison to condemn the failure of the House of Representatives to take the Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill at the Committee of the whole (Third Reading) on April 29 and May 7. Full Story...


FOI Coalition Calls on House to Put the FOI Bill Back on Legislative Agenda


The Freedom of Information Coalition (FOIC) has called on the House of Representatives to, not only get the Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill back on the legislative agenda but also pass it promptly following the its failure to take the Bill in the committee of the whole (Third Reading) on April 29, 2008. Full Story...


FOI Bill Suffers another Set back in the House of Representatives


On May 7, 2008 the House of Representatives again postpone a clause by clause consideration (Third Reading) of the Freedom of Information Bill which was on its order paper for a third and final reading to a later date due to the ‘absence’ of the bill’s sponsor, Hon. Abike Dabiri. Full Story...


Third Reading: House of Representatives Throws out FOI Bill


On Tuesday, 29 April 2008, the House of Representatives threw out the Freedom of Information Bill through a technical vote jettisoning further consideration of the Bill in the Committee of the Whole (Third Reading). Full Story...


FOIC Urges Senate Committee on Information to Expedite Action on the FOI Bill


The Freedom of Information Coalition (FOIC), on   April 10, 2008 wrote to Senator Ayogu Eze the Chairman of Senate Committee on Information and Media and other members of the Committee to express its concern on the situation with the Freedom of Information Bill, which is presently before the Committee and urging the Committee to immediately sign off on this Bill so that it can move on faster on its legislative journey. Full Story...

FOI Bill Caught in the Web of National and Parochial Self Interests


The passage of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill into law which has been pending before the National Assembly for more than eight years now is currently caught between national interest and parochial self interests. Full Story...



Freedom of Information Coalition Launches Signature Campaign


MFWA Decries President Obasanjo’s Refusal to Sign FOI Bill into Law


MFD Urges NASS to Override President Obasanjo’s Refusal to Sign the FOI Bill into Law

President Obasanjo Refuses to Sign the Freedom of Information Bill

Senate Passes Freedom of Information Bill

Lagos Declaration on the Right of Access to Information


Freedom of Information Goes to School in South East


Participants Propose FOI Advocacy Visit to Senators in Cross River


Workshop Asks For Signatures in FOI Advocacy


MRA Begins Grassroots Enlightenment Workshop in Six Cities.


Lagos Business Community Joins Freedom of Information Campaign


Nigerian Actors Pledge Support for FOI Campaign


NTA Kaduna Begins Transmission of FOI Programme


Workshop calls for FOI Centers at Local Government Councils


Workshop Makes Case For the Physically Challenged in FOI Advocacy


Senate Suspends Third Reading of the FOI Bill

 Workshop Proposes Translation of FOI Bill into Local Languages

MRA Holds Planning Meeting on FOI Advocacy

Weekly Debates on FOI Airing on Lagos Television

MRA Targets Professional Groups in Renewed FOI Campaign

Click here for the Freedom of Information Bill as passed by the House of Representatives


Click here for the Freedom of Information Bill Originally Sent to the House of Representatives

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The Freedom of Information Coalition is an alliance of civil society organizations campaigning for the enactment of a Freedom of Information Act in Nigeria.  The Secretariat of the Coalition is hosted by Media Rights Agenda.  To obtain more information about the Coalition, contact:

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